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Back to Baker in February 2017!

Most of our dances and all of our lessons September 2016 through January 2017 were held at Pottawatomie Community Center, 8 North Avenue, St. Charles, IL.  See Map

All our dances and lessons from February through May 2017 are being held at the newly renovated Baker Community Center, 101 South Second Street (Route 31), St. Charles, IL, which now has elevators, air conditioning, and other improvements, in addition to a great wood floor!  This is just one block south of Route 64.

Free parking is available in the lot behind Baker, on the street, in the lot on the southwest corner of Walnut and Third Streets, and in the 4-story parking garage just across Rt 31 (just go east on Walnut to enter it).

Caller Change:  Bobby Poyner will be our caller on Saturday, March 11, 2017. Howard Hoffman will be cuing the rounds.

Ask any square dancer, and that person will tell you that dancing makes them happy and keeps them healthy.  Square dancing is
  • Organized fun for singles and couples.
  • Great exercise for everyone that is easy on the joints.
  • A challenge for the mind to keep you young.
  • A great way to meet new people and make new friends.
  • World wide - Calls have been standardized, and square dances are always called in English.

Enjoy a video of Swedish caller Anna Johansson calling a square dance to "Super Trouper."  It is posted at

Super Trouper Square Dance

The leader verbalizes "calls" during the music that tell you what steps to take as you move to the beat of the music.  As a new dancer you will learn and practice these calls during lessons.  You are actually square dancing and having fun within a few minutes after the first lesson begins!  We will be starting a new class again this fall, and lessons willbegin in September 2017.  They will be held at Baker Community Center from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. on Sunday nights.


  • This is not your school gym class.
  • You don't have to wear a special costume.
  • Much of the music is not country western.
  • Star athlete quality is not required.

We also welcome people in all sorts of outfits – jeans, tee-shirts, short poufy skirts, long skirts, Western gear, or New York chic.  If it’s decent, we endorse it.  Today’s square dance music is a mix of traditional, popular, classics, and rock – basically, any music with a steady beat. 

Teens to silver-haired new dancers are welcomed to the New Dancer program where they will be joined in squares with experienced dancers who provide gentle assistance while learning, practicing, and dancing. 


Join us for our regular and special dances.  We normally dance at Baker Community Center, 101 South Second Street (Rt. 31), St. Charles, IL.   Our dances are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of most months from September through mid-May.  Rounds are at 8:00 p.m., and squares are 8:30 - 10:30 p.m.  Refreshments are always served, and we try to have some fun themes to enliven each evening.  Our full 2016-2017 Schedule is online including the themes for each dance.  All dances are at the plus level except our student dance on February 11, 2017. 

For additional information contact Ann or Bill at 847-760-6144 or by email at or, or call Pat or Barb at 630-584-9257.  Our banner is available at all dances through April 8, 2017.

We have a wonderful wood floor, great snacks to enjoy, and lots of friendly smiling dancers ready to welcome you to our dances!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


The square dancing photos below include some taken at Baker Community Center and others taken at various locations from Anchorage, Alaska, to California, along with demos done before a Kane County Cougars baseball game, in a park, at a county fair, and even during a flash mob dance at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  Dancers range in age from children to seniors and attire from very casual to dressy.  Many dancers prefer to wear dressier clothing when dancing on New Year's Eve or at the Sweetheart Dance held each February by the MCASD (Metro Chicago Association of Square Dancers).  No matter where we dance or the clothing styles we wear, square dancing is good exercise and a lot of fun!
Square Dancing Photo Slideshow
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  Square dancing has been called friendship set to music.
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